Metservice is a New Zealand's national Meteorological service that creates weather insights and delivers the solutions which make real benefits for customers. The company is commercially successful and internationally certified organization with more than 250 employees in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. The technologists and meteorologists of the Metservice provide the expertizing solutions to New Zealand and across the world as Metraweather. In order to create groundbreaking new products and services, the company adapted the Powerful weather intelligence in which there is a combination of scientific rigour, leading edge technology and valuable data & insights. With the record of sustained innovation and forecasting quality, Metservice doing exciting things that make an impact in the market. The company continuously try to provide the efficient solutions for weather challenges in future. Meteorological expertise and a team of dedicated professionals reflect the company's innovative and scientific precision solutions. Metservice is a rewarding place to work and it attracts the people who have the capability to provide the meteorological services, technologically advancement processes and an agile approach to creating most innovative forecasting weather solutions. It provides the comprehensive weather information services in 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in order to protect the lives of New Zealanders and ensures the well-being of the New Zealand economy. The company delivers the weather solutions in many ways such as mobile devices, social networks, and email communication network. The products and services of Metservice give a competitive edge to local and international businesses in the industry, transport, resources, media, energy, retail and infrastructure services.

Weather for Business

Metservice is along with the international brand of Metraweather, it provides the world-class international business solutions with the weather intelligence and automated prediction technology. The company works with businesses ranging from small owner-operated businesses to many of Asia-Pacific's large-scale enterprises. If you want little more information than on the available weather results on the online site or you require a customized decision-making solution, you can talk to the company's technicians about your requirements and they will help you to find the solutions. For large-scale businesses in the media, energy, marine, utility, resources, and infrastructure sector, visit the online website to find the weather information If you are operating in the aviation sector, you can look for the extreme information about the range of aviation services. Small business users can get the help from Metservice and check out the range of more detailed information that is available on easy-to-use data visualization portal site. If you want more information related to weather specialized information, you can get the customized forecast weather solutions according to your specific needs. International service solutions also available on the online website that presents the official weather observations, weather forecasts and climatological information for selected cities across worldwide. 

Towns & Cities

Metservice provides the updated information for towns & cities in the New Zealand and the people who live nearby locations of the sea and protect accordingly. Weather information will be available for New Zealand's towns & cities are included Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Wellington, Blenheim, Greymouth, New Plymouth, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Palmerston North, Nelson, Whangarei, Tauranga, and Invercargill. For all these cities, the company alerts the people based on its weather report. The information is up to date only and it gives the severe weather warning with the help of the weather reports. In support of this, Metservice gives the short forecast weather report for New Zealand's cities and towns. According to the current situation of weather, the company alerts the people of all the North Island's and South Island's cities. In the short forecast weather solutions, it gives you the today's updated information in the New Zealand cities. The company provides an extended brief forecast for all the cities and towns of New Zealand. In this type of forecast, you can find the weather information about forthcoming three days. In this way, the people can easily protect their lives by taking precautions to avoid the facing of weather issues. 


Including towns and cities of New Zealand, Metservice continuously updates the weather information for rural areas. In rural news, you can get the updated information relevant to the weather situation in rural areas such as Northland, Coromandel, Waikato, Waitomo, Bay of Plenty, Taupo, Gisborne, Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, Taihape, Manawatu, Wairarapa, Wellington, Whanganui, Nelson, Buller, Westland, Southern Lakes, Christchurch, Canterbury Plains, North Otago, Central Otago, Clutha, Southland and much more. On the online website, you can find the monthly rural outlook where it delivers the weather information during last month. According to this rural outlook, you can know which places get wetted in the New Zealand. During July month, unusually volatile and very wet for most of the regions excluding the west coast of South Island. The weather report includes the information about ocean places. Sea temperatures are much cooler than average around the North Island coastal line as well as between Christchurch and Wellington. In contrast to this, the South Island coastal lines ocean temperatures remain well above the average. August rural outlook includes the weather information that subsuming the predicted results of unsettled and possibly extreme. Day-to-Day weather maps are predicted with frequent lows and fronts. According to the weather report, northwesterly winds and low pressures are likely to form the prevailing state. These are expected to produce a warm and wet flavor for most of the regions in August. New Zealand's eastern regions and Southland should still cop a fair amount of rainfall and it likely to end up with normal rain range. In order to receive the monthly outlook for each month, you can subscribe to this service using the online site 

Marine & Surf

The company gives the weather information about the cities of Marine & surf and they are coastal, recreational, surf & beach, boating, and tides. Coastal cities of the New Zealand included Plenty, Clovell, Abel, Kaipara, Castlepoint, Raglan, Cook, Charmers, Chatham Islands, Foveaux, Brett, Milford, Grey, Portland, and Stephens. If you want to know the specific marine location, you just click the available listing of marine & surf cities. Accordingly, if you choose the Chatham Islands location, the company forecasts the coastal situation and provides you forecasted results, three-day outlook, and coastal situation. New issues are also made available for you up to date and updates and amendments may be issued at any time. So, the company recommends you to follow the updates of Metservice. In a similar manner, you can find the updated information about other remaining cities of coastal such as Castlepoint, Abel, Milford, Portland, Charmers, Cook, Raglan, Brett, etc. Recreational Marine & surf cities are Auckland, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Christchurch, Lake Taupo, Hawke Bay, Mana, Kapiti, and Lake Rotorua. For these cities, Metservice online site gives the updated weather results for the coastal situation, outlook, and Gale Warning. Outlook involving the future prediction of the weather report for recreation cities. Surf & Beach cities subsuming Gisborne & Mahia, Wellington, Coromandel, Raglan, Bay of Plenty, Napier & Warapa, Auckland East Coast, Christchurch & Kaikoura, etc. These locations of surf & beach have the forecasted wind and waves information which is automatically generated by MetOcean Solutions Ltd's computer weather modeling system. The available automatic information is not moderated by the Metservice forecasters. The weather modeling system principally provides you the ratings for specific cities of the North and South Island's. The rating range can rely on the surf & beach locations realistic weather conditions. If weather modeling system rating range is 1-3, which means that poor conditions will occur such as strong onshore winds, small swell height and a low swell period. If it is 4-6 rating, reasonable surf conditions may possibly occur, although it affected by light-fair onshore winds and a lower swell. For 7-10 rating, you can predict that specific location constitutes good-quality surf, long swell period, greater than a meter swell height and no wind. There is an availability to search for the weather results of surf & beach cities. When it comes to the case of boating cities, the company gives you the updated information regarding the existed weather is suitable for doing boating on the river or sea. You can decide whether to do boating at a particular location of the sea or river. In relevant to this, the company provides the updated weather information for cities like Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Auckland East Coast, Post Office Rock, Hawkes Bay, Lachlan Banks and The Springs. Here also, weather modeling system automatically generates the weather ratings whether there is a comfortable situation to do boating or not. According to the rating range, you can take the decision and ranges will be 1-3, 4-6, 7-10. 1-3 rating range is the poor and possibly dangerous conditions like strong winds & a big swell height. Average boating conditions will apply for 4-6 ratings and calm waters, little swell height or no wind for 7-10 rating range. You can also search for tide locations on the Metservice map online within a couple of moments. 

Mountains & Parks

Whereas in the weather situation for mountains & parks are including brief New Zealand Mountain forecast and extended New Zealand Mountain forecast. In Brief Mountain forecast, Metservice only provides you updated weather information for the current situation that means it valid up to next day. Accordingly, the company gives the mountain forecast weather results for cities where national parks and ski fields exist. National Parks are Kahurangi National park, Tararua national park, Canterbury high country, Fiordland national park, Southern lakes, Egmont national park, Aoraki national park, Nelson lakes national park, and Arthur's Pass national park. The information can be available for ski fields such as Ohau, Turoa, Cardrona, Fox Peak, Mt Lyford, Tukino, Coronet Peak, Mt Dobson, Hanmer Springs, Temple Basin, The Remarkables, Porters, Mt Olympus, Manganui, Roundhill, etc. For these cities, you can check out for extended mountain forecast that included the weather information for future three days excluding today's situation. Both brief and extended mountain forecast is separately available for North and South Island's. With the provided information, you can predict what is the situation on a specific day. So that, you can decide to not go to particular place in order to protect yourself. 

Maps & Radars

By considering the online source of Metservice, you will be able to forecast the weather record of results for New Zealand cities like Christchurch, Wellington, Wairarapa, Hawke Bay, Cattle point, etc. As part of the mission of the company that is providing the creative and innovative efficient weather solutions, the company discovered the maps & radars system wherein there are many options available for you to get the updated weather information. The options are rain radar, 3-day rain forecast, 5-day rain forecast, satellite imagery, marine forecast, coded data, NZ observations, and WIS search. Using maps & radars concept, you can view the maps relevant to the surface pressure, marine forecast, NZ observations, etc. Traffic web cams are subsuming in the New Zealand cities such as Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, and Dunedin. 

Weather on your Mobile

You can access the Metservice weather information in many ways such as online site and email. Including all these, the company provides an option of a mobile application from which you can able to get the services of Metservicewheneverr you need and from any where in the world. You can keep up to date weather information by using Metservice smartphone apps on iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile devices. For iPhone users, you can download the NZ Weather app from App Store without paying any charges and get accessing the forecasted weather report that includes your local 10-day forecast, 2 hourly forecast, rain radar, and severe weather information. The Towns & Cities app will be available for Windows mobile phones and it subsumes forecast weather information of towns & cities for 10-day and 2 hourly forecast. Snow Weather App is available for both iPhone and Android mobile devices, it gives you the updated snow information that includes mountain forecasts, webcams, lifts and conditions. Rural Weather App also available on Android and iOS mobile devices and it will help you to get the information about 10-day regional forecasts, rain forecasts, rain radar, 2-hourly forecasts, and past weather information.